Ready to see the world?  Travel? 

Tired of a 40 hour work week?   Want to learn about different cultures? 

Here at EslTeacherAsia we provide you with the means,

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Teaching English

as a second language

Teaching in South East Asia is one of the most rewarding and laid back lifestyles.  Imagine working a flexible 20 hour workweek for considerable compensation, low cost of living and the opportunity for easy travel.

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What we offer

An intensive 4 week in-country TESOL, TEFL course. Get certified to teach English as a second language.

Guidance throughout your entire process of moving to a new country.  Piece of mind while adjusting to a foreign place, new lifestyle and a large network of like minded people.

Accommodation during the course and a job guarantee

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Great way to make friends, become a teacher, and discover Asia! - Jacob

I recommend this course to anyone looking for a change, wanting to travel, have new experiences and of course meet friends. - Anna

I am teaching in Vietnam now! It [the TESOL course] was a great opportunity to make friends from the get go. - Thom

Feel free to ask any questions, we are here to help.

South East Asia will change your life!  Whether it's in Vietnam or Cambodia, or taking your certification to the far corners of the world.  Teaching in South East Asia is one of the most rewarding and laid back lifestyles.  Imagine working twenty hours a week, being able to save a significant amount of money, while living the life you have always dreamed of.  Teaching English as a second language, allows you to experience life to the fullest, all whilst enjoying the beauty of Asia, and surrounding countries.  Experiencing the diverse culture interchange that is Vietnam, will provide you with insight into a whole new world, and give your friends and family wanderlust.  The Vietnamese are truly one of the most welcoming bodies of people out there.  Cambodia is on it's way to defining it's self as the new Vietnam for teaching English as a second language.  Not only is it the road less travelled; it also provides you with the chance to be part of something.  Cambodia's English programs are paving their own way and defining change.  The beauty and reward of teaching English to children in less developed countries comes from the opportunities you create for them. Make a difference!